Province of Camiguin

Brief info

Camiguin is a small and peaceful island province in the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea off the northern coast of Mindanao. It may be the smallest island in Mindanao and the second smallest province in the Philippines, but it has surprisingly a lot of tourist spots to offer.
Dubbed the “Island Born of Fire,” Camiguin is home to seven volcanoes that continue to shape and reshape its unique landscape.

The interior forest reserves known as Mount Hibok-Hibok Protected Landscape have been declared an ASEAN Heritage Park. But for beach lovers, it’s the water-based attractions that make Camiguin special.

This compact island also hides numerous waterfalls, natural springs, unspoiled beaches and diving spots that will please adventurous travelers. Camiguin is home to a mysterious Sunken Cemetery which continues to fascinate travelers from all over the world.

For history buffs, there are interesting Camiguin tourist spots you can visit including several well-preserved ancestral houses, Spanish-era churches and heritage sites scattered around the island.

Camiguin is also famous for its sweet lanzones fruits for which an annual festival is dedicated.

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