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Frunklin Sports and Events Management

It started in 2001 as a volunteer Sports Physical Therapist and Trainer in The University of St. La Salle. I had this passion on helping athletes bounce back and become more fit to go back on their respective sports and compete again coming from sports rehabilitation

As a former Elite Triathlete, swimbikefrunk had been racing and competing for almost 2 decades in both local and international races especially in triathlon and endurance sports.

Then the next phase are into coaching and developing endurance athletes from beginners up to the elite level. Countless of clients in running and triathlon had been guided to achieve their goals and eventually become a role model to other athletes and society, because of the principles and teachings i handed down to my athletes.


Bring out the best version of the athletes through coaching and making them a productive citizen in the Community. Organise a standardize, professional and quality races for the athletes.
Compete at the Highest level with no excuse and to deliver performance on each race.

Sports is ever evolving, as an athlete, coach and organiser I may leave a legacy in sports, my teachings and philosophy will be handed down for the years to come.

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